The Top 4 Car Summer Maintenance Tips

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Your car is probably the most expensive and valuable item you own after your home. This explains why you need to take care of your vehicle and keep it an excellent condition as long as possible. Unlike homes, cars usually tend to need more attention as they get older.

You can use Used Ford Fiesta Cars for a long time without the need to service it, but the same principle can’t apply to older cars. Taking proper care of your car involves taking it to the Hyundai scheduled maintenance, changing the oil filters, engine oil, radiator coolant among other practices. Below are some of the top car maintenance tips for you.

Carry Out Some Regular Routine Checking

There is always need to conduct the necessary checks on your car regularly. You don’t have to be a mechanic to carry out these routine checks. The most significant advantage of conducting routine checks on your vehicle is that it helps you avoid bigger repair issues, car breakdown and other car-related problems that can cost a lot of money.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Typically, your tire pressure changes with increase or decrease in temperatures. For instance, there is always a one to two PSI increase for every 10-degree increase in the external air temperature. An under-inflated or overinflated pressure is dangerous to your safety. An under-inflated tire usually bulges outwards exerting undue pressure on its sidewall. On the other hand, an overinflated pressure makes minimal contact with the road surface which results in hydroplaning especially during the summer thunderstorms.

Tire Rotation is Also Critical

Experts who have been handling cars during the Hyundai scheduled maintenance say that tire rotation is a good car maintenance culture, but only few car owners practice it. It’s recommended that you rotate your tires for every 5,000 or 8,000 miles covered. Changing your tire position from front to back or vice versa extend the lifespan of the tires which saves you from the burden of replacing them now and then. In fact, the experts say that tire rotation is just as important as changing the engine oil.

Change the Oil and the Oil Filters in Time

The main component of your car engine that keeps it running is the engine oil. The oil keeps the various engine parts running, cool, and smooth. You engine oil needs to be changed after every 5,000 miles or six months depending on what comes first. It’s also recommended that you change the oil filters frequently to avoid contaminating the engine oil. However, you’ll have to change the oil more regularly in summer since heavy driving combined with the high temperatures always leads to an overheated car engine.

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