There Are Many Kinds Of Store Signs


Have you ever driven into a parking lot and wondered if a store was open? Open signs are great for this purpose and give you the information you need quickly. Sometimes stores leave their open signs in the window, which can be inconvenient.  Stores should generally try to make sure they have their open signs either in the window or turned on only when the business is in fact open. It can be hard to remember though, so a simple card in the window is probably not the best way to go.

Here are some types of signs that stores often use:

Pole or pylon signs. These are, as the name implies, signs on poles. This usually is just the name of the business, and the sign may have the names of several businesses, each with their own sign

Wall or blade signs. This can be a sign on a wall, or on a “blade” perpendicular to the wall, showing the entrance to a business. This can be directly on the wall, or on some other surface attached to a wall.

Awnings. An awning is a material that is often made of canvas and stretch out over the storefront. This offers people shelter from rain or sunlight. Stores often put their name on the awning as well, which is a little extra advertisement.

Sidewalk signs. These signs are used often on the sidewalk in front of the store.  Often, they are made of chalkboard, so owners can easily write on the sign and change it as often as they wish. This sign may not be left outside when the store is open, so that is a clue as to whether it is open.  These can be unintentional open signs.

Window graphics. Window graphics give signs an elegant look and are often used on windows to advertise a business. These may not be good as open signs, but they are good for general information about the business itself.

Neon signs. These are not as popular as they once were, but could be making a comeback. They are glass tubes filled with glass that emit light when hooked up to electricity. Some businesses use these as open signs, but more often they are used to advertise the business itself.

Punched or cut metal. This is another example of a sign that was once popular, and faded, and is growing in popularity once again.  These signs can give a feeling of history or oldness. They are signs where the message is cut into the metal with lasers.

Rock storefront signs. These are signs, usually with rocks or some other material holding the sign up. This is often used at country clubs and are almost always an outdoor type signs.

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