There is Hope for Tribal Communities Living in Extreme Poverty Thanks to Social Crowdfunding


Snehlata is a seven-year-old girl from Laxmiposi, a quaint village in Odissa, India. Despite the fact that she comes from an underprivileged family with little access to basic necessities, Snehlata is optimistic about her dreams to study and explore the world. Her village is occupied by tribal communities, more than half of whom are living in pitiful condition, far below the poverty line.

Founded in 2005, Aarohan is an NGO in the north-east region of India that has been making commendable efforts in impacting the lives of local tribal communities. They work to provide education, nutrition and healthcare and vocational training programs. Project Asha is one of their very successful projects, which focuses on educating children from the slums who may have never attended school or dropped out. They also strive to empower women, by equipping them with the skills to earn a living, holding awareness camps on hygiene, sanitation, and by educating them on their rights and government welfare schemes.

How crowdfunding is helping pull tribes out of poverty

With the strong belief that if a child cannot access an education, then the education must come to the child, Aarohan is now running a crowdfunding campaign with Impact Guru’s global platform to raise funds for their most recent project; to build a school to rehabilitate and educate malnutritioned children.

Aarohan is one of countless nonprofits turning to social crowdfunding to find monetary solutions for their projects. Though they have a donation portal on their website, Impact Guru’s platform allows them to offer tax benefits to donors from India, US and UK and lets them accept international donations at a nominal fee.

Their new project has turned out to be a bigger challenge than ever before. The extreme conditions the tribal communities live in are partially attributed to the superstitions, myths and beliefs deeply rooted in the culture of the communities. Sending their children to school can be equivalent to detaching themselves from their traditions for many families. Moreover, these communities do not speak Oriya, the local language of the urban and other rural communities in Odissa.

Aarohan has mapped out their budget plan clearly on their fundraiser page on Impact Guru, with a total goal of Rs 43 lakhs. Funds will go towards nutritious meals to be provided at the school, reading and writing material, a year’s fees for 60 children, weekly health check-ups for every child, computers and furniture. They are leveraging their social media networks to promote the campaign, finding over 20 donors in less than a month. Find their campaign on Impact Guru’s crowdfunding platform and share the initiative!

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