Tips on hiring a hoarding company


A good cleanup company will leverage on experience, knowledge and customer service to book new clients. On the other hand, other companies would want to apply underhand tactics to win customers. If you are unfortunate to deal with the latter, then it is such a great dissatisfaction. Hoarding cleanup unlike any other is unique and with challenges that need an all-around professional who would give quality and effective service. The cleaner’s core objective should be to restore the decency of the hoarder’s room.

Follow through and find out some of the tips in choosing a perfect hoarding cleanup company

Straightforward charges

Hoarding cleanup service is not for free, right.  Whenever you approach a cleaning company, one of the main things that you want to know is their charges. It is very disappointing when you have entrusted a company with the job and mid-way, they begin to show you how they won’t be through within the agreed period and thus they’d need more money to extend the time. Most of these companies lack experience and therefore cannot do approximations before they start the job. Before you sign the dotted lines, you must confirm that all details are clear and the company should tell you clearly the price approximations. The hoarding cleaning company should be able to own up any mistakes and incur costs of delays. This would ensure that they do a thorough job and with a high level of commitment.

The right amount of space needed

Some companies may want to play a trick with space. They’d bring some big dumpster in the guise that according to their assessment that would fit all the trash. Then they’ll peg their charges to the size of the truck. The price may seem too low but by the time you realize that you were duped, it is too late.

Hoarding cleanup shouldn’t be complicated

There are companies that would want to show you how complicated the situation is. That it is at level ‘X’ and then charge you according to their ‘created’ class. You have to be clear here; their work is to tell you whether they are able to do the job, for how long and the total cost – not trying to complicate the issue. A genuine hoarding cleanup company shouldn’t even bother with the class of the situation. They would treat the situation like any other. Yes, they may try comparing your case with some other related job they have done in the past but ideally, they are not licensed psychologists and thus have no basis to diagnose any case. If they try doing it, then you can be sure there are just trying to impress you with the fancy lingo and this should disqualify them.

Every hoarding job is unique

In as much there may be similarities here and there between several hoarding cases, every situation is different and thus must be treated as such. A perfect hoarding company would inquire from you what you want to be done and using their skills design an approach that would ensure a thorough job.

Steer clear from the “know-it-all” companies. Those who go ahead and give you prescriptions even without getting your side of the story. You’re looking for a solution and therefore the cleaning company must get instructions from you.

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