Tips to Improve Your Posture When Walking


Adopting proper form is crucial for all types of exercise. According to fitness gurus, learning the right posture should be the first thing you do before setting out for your workout session.

Poor body posture can have adverse effects. For instance, slouching when performing squats or walking will put excess and unnecessary pressure on your spine You’ll also spend a lot of energy when performing your workouts, leaving you tired even before you’re done with the session.

Maintain a Straight Back

A straight back ensures that your spine isn’t placed under excess pressure. For starters, ensure you maintain a straight forward gaze, this will help you keep your back straight when walking.

Do Not Slouch or Lean Back

Slouching or bending back strains your back muscles. It is vital that you try and maintain a straight posture even when walking uphill. Besides that, if you’re training for speed walking avoid leaning forward too much.

Loosen Your Shoulder

Before you start your walking routine, you can do a few shoulder exercises to relax them. Additionally, these exercises will help with your arm movement when you’re walking.

Some of the shoulder exercises you can perform include shoulder curls, and squeezes.


A stretching routine before you start your walk can also double up as your warmup session. Stretching ensures that your joints complete the full range of motion before you start exercising. For the stretching routine, you can make a few forward and backward lunges, albeit at a slower pace.

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Check Your Shoes

Some people convert their old sports shoes into walking shoes. However, this isn’t always a good idea. It is advisable that you get a fitting shoe with a decent sole for comfort. Besides that, ensure that it supports your heel well – don’t compress when you’re walking.

Avoid Using Your Phone

Many people fall victim to engaging with their phones when walking. This affects your posture as you tend to slouch forward, putting stress on your neck and back muscles. Also, it further hinders your arm movement, which is critical.

Importance of Adopting the Right Posture

Conserve Energy

Putting yourself in the right posture helps you conserve energy. When you’re working out, you want to use your power efficiently. What this means is that you should have some energy left to perform your last round of exercises.

Avoid Putting Stress on Your Spine

The spine is vital when it comes to body movement, support, and stability. Using poor body form when working out can put excess pressure on your spine causing pain. In the long run, this may leave you in a lot of discomfort during and even after you’re done working out.

Muscular Injuries

Poor posture can lead to overstretching or tearing of your muscles. Muscular injuries can be excruciating and may, in severe cases, affect your movement.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, here are the top ways you can improve your walking posture.

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