Types of Outdoor Signage?


Outdoor signage will assist your business to claim a space in the streetscape, on the roadside or in the skyline. They are very useful to promote products or services, reinforce branding and attract customer attention. Gone are the days when traditional outdoor signs were created with printed materials or painted signs which lead to sagging banners, faded colours or peeling paint. With the introduction of commercial LED panels, came the turning point for outdoor signage. There are plenty of different outdoor signage options available to choose from. The most frequently used signages are explained below.

Outdoor Illuminated Signs:
These are very effective as they constantly draw viewer’s attention day and night, thereby delivering maximum impact. They are always visible and displays your marketing message 24/7. If you choose a busy area to set up your sign, then bright signage will ensure you get noticed. With LED technology, outdoor signs could feature brighter colours, 3D fabricated letters and real animation.  Many commercial manufacturers offer a range of weather and tamper proof, high brightness displays especially designed for outdoor usage.

Despite all the positives, most advertisers may not want to opt for illuminated signs as they are very expensive, require high maintenance and constant monitoring.

Digital Signs:

These signs are programmable and perfect for spaces surrounded by technology.

Digital signs are versatile and can be tailored to where and when certain messages appear. When your business goal is to stand out from the crowd, electronic signs are a great way to achieve this. These signs offer great value as they can communicate multiple messages without the need of printing a different sign. The only cons are that these are very expensive, require lot of maintenance and have shorter lifespan in colder regions.

Freestanding or Big Impact Signage:
An overall marketing plan includes a strategy to ensure that viewers know your place of business. When it comes to signage, freestanding ones give you maximum impact, make a big statement about your company’s presence as well as maximise visibility to passing traffic and pedestrians.

Wayfinding Signs:

Wayfinding and Safety Signs ensure that you meet business regulations and allow your customers to find you. See to it that your wayfinding signage is clear, strategic, and workplace compliant. This type of signage also gives the customer an impression that you care for them.

Promotional Signs:

Promotional signs attract people and trick them to make a purchase. Whether playful or professional, these signs are meant to pack a visual punch that will make people stop and take notice.

Lawn Signs:

Lawn signs help to make the most out of everyday landscapes. They easily attract potential customers through their easy access and attractiveness. These signs are far cheaper than most signs which makes them a viable option to use while using outdoor signage.Lawn signs are sensitive to weather and moisture conditions; therefore, regular maintenance is imperative. There are certain laws limiting their installation on public or private property. Make sure you abide by these laws while installing these signs so as to avoid penalty.

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