What is the difference between Japanese, Chinese and Korean Chopsticks?


Not all of the chopsticks are alike, as there are differences in the appearance. In China, Korea, and Japan you can encounter variations in style,material, and etiquette. When you want to make a final decision on buying a pair of chopsticks, it can be confusing between which style of chopstick to use.We hope to make this decision as easy as possible for you.

What is the difference between Japanese, Chinese and Korean Chopsticks?

Japanese Chopsticks

Japanese chopsticks are more pointed and shorter than the Chinese. Mainly made out of wood and plastics, they are more colorful and have different design.  When the chopsticks are not being used, they should be placed on a chopstick rest. They should never be crossed, or vertically stuck in the food as this is only done on funerals. Making sounds with them is considered rude.

Chinese Chopsticks

Chinese chopsticks are longer and thicker, compared to the others. The shape is rectangular and does not taper towards the end. These are usually made of bamboo or wood, and are often lacquered for a shiny finish.

After finishing your meal, the chopsticks should be placed on top of the bowl. Leaving them resting on the side means that you are just taking a break from eating.When transferring food from dishes to your own bowl, you should use your own chopsticks according to the tradition.

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 Korean Chopsticks

Korean chopsticks are distinctive because they are made of stainless steel. The general belief is that metal is more hygenic, so that’s why they are different from the rest of the Asian countries. These are flatter and have a more square shape. Chopsticks made of precious metals such as gold and silver are used for special occasions. You can find these at Empire Chopsticks.

Common Etiquette

Did you know that there are lots of unspoken rules in the Asian culinary? Strangers can make some mistakes, without even knowing it. Let’s get familiar with some of the basic etiquette!

  • According to the tradition, the right hand should be always used when you are eating with chopsticks. It is considered rude to play or point with the sticks, or use them to move plates.
  • As we already mentioned, never stick the chopsticks upright  in a bowl of rice. Unless you are on a funeral. This is how the rice bowl is offered to the spirit of the dead person.
  • When you are eating rice, you are free to place the bowl close to your mouth and shove the rice in using the chopsticks. When you are done, place them on top of the bowl. If you are taking a break, place them on the right side.
  • Chopsticks are always placed horizontally, with the tips on the left side.
  • Chopsticks are used with your dominant hand, between the thumbs and fingers.
  • Spearing pieces of food with them is considered to be impolite. Stirring the food with them can be considered as an insult for the cook.

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