What is the Right Time to Seek Mortgage Pre-Approval?

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Preapprovals would be a great mode to differentiate when you actually look forward to making an offer. It has been told that single credit check by mortgage professional would not hamper your credit score. A majority of preapprovals would be good until you put in an offer and go forth with the loan. You should rest assured that commitment would have a stipulated date on it, which would usually be 60 days. However, at times, it could reach up to 45 days. It would be a good question to inquire when to apply. You would be required to find Sun West Mortgage to guide you through the process.

When do you need mortgage preapproval?

You would not require mortgage preapproval until you have been ready to search for a home. The preapproval letter would hold good for 60 days approximately. You would be required to talk with the lender and inquire about the price range that you should look in to stay within your budget along with the paper work you would require gathering when actually looking forward to apply. In case, you were unsure about your credit scores being high enough, they could run the reports for you. If you were confident that your score are adequately high, you should not look for credit check up until you are ready to search for a house.

What to do when unsure about credit score?

In event of you being unsure about your credit score, you should let Sun West Mortgage run your credit scores for you. It would not cost you a dime. Moreover, you would be able to acquire reports from all three main credit reporting bureaus. The reports would reveal about the accounts you own and about any accounts reported as late. However, you should ensure that there has been nothing negative about your credit score. Your actual score would be provided for a nominal fee.

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