Which are the most underrated beaches in the world that you can go to?


Beach! The word is an expression in itself and describes millions of feelings that all of us wish to enjoy. Enjoy your days under the warmth of the sun and stare at the pristine water of the sea as you relax in the softness of the sand. Are you excited to soak in the beauty of the beaches that are not frequented by many visitors? No, they don’t lack the charm or the charisma you are seeking. We have made a list of the best beaches in the world that people don’t know about. Take a look, and we assure you by the end of the article, you will be packing your bags and head straight towards one.

The furore in Italy.

Hidden in the beauty of nature, this beach is one of the best. You can spend your days in here watching the greenish – blue hue of the water as you soak in the beauty around you. The beach has high cliffs on its side, and you can’t miss out the view that it offers. This quiet beach encompasses all the beauty one seeks from a beach. Get ready for the quintessential charm that Italy has in store for you.

Matira Beach in Bora Bora.

Just imagine, you are on the beach, and you watch the sun being engulfed by the turquoise sea, isn’t that what makes a sight most spectacular? It surely does. The Matira Beach is located right at Bora Bora’s tip. Not to mention that this beach is and will continue to be one of the best beaches in the world. If you don’t want just to lay back and relax then get ready for the fantastic, fun and adventure packed activities. It will fit right into your budget and is perfect for everyone.

Tikehau Island in French Polynesia.

Do you like white or pink sand? Is it too hard to decide? Then don’t. This small yet charming island is for everyone who is in love with the whole beauty of the beaches. The shore tries to compete with the beauty of the pure, clear water. You are going to love the crystal and bright blue colour of the water. Go scuba diving or snorkelling and enjoy the beauty of the marine life.

Punalu’u Beach in the United States of America.

Not like any beach you have ever come across or in that matter even thought of. Characterized by the beauty of black sand that stretches far and wide. It is one of the most secluded spots in the world with grace on all its side. The unique and exclusive beauty if the Punalu’u beach is enough to send you over the moon. If you are indeed planning a trip, then choose

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Christmas Island in Kiribati.

Not heard of the island or the place, right? Yes, that is why it is termed as the untouched heaven on Earth. Be here to imbibe in your life the true essence that an island is capable of bringing to you. The beach remains far away from the clutches of destruction that humans are capable of instilling. Relax and detoxify your soul and body by merely being in here.

Fort James Beach in Antigua.

You can reach in here by driving from the port of St. John or merely walk as you enjoy nature at its best. This beach has an abundance of beauty and charm for travellers. Apart from the serenity that the place is surrounded with you will have a chance to be a part of several activities. Not to mention the casinos that are lined up in this place. As for souvenirs you can take back artefacts, pottery, fine jewellery, and so much more.

Dreamland Beach in Bali.

This beach has ‘dream’ edged in its name, so what do you think? It is a hidden cove that is nestled in nature’s lap. Though it was discovered long back in the 70s, it remains unknown to many. Enjoy the vibe of the active local life along with the view of the pristine water.

Sit back and let the wind flutter through your hair, close your eyes and you will be able to sense the charm of the sand. Don’t miss out on the beauty that beaches offer, especially the ones that a very few people know about.

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