Which Torrent Site Is Better Than Rarbg For Downloading Movies And TV Shows


Rargb is basically a publicly curated torrent directory which is nicely organized. The torrent files that are found on this site comes with detailed information which will make it easier for you to understand that whether that’s the file you are looking for. However, Rargb is not a very popular site among the users as you may not find all types of torrent files out there. If you are looking for a torrent site that is better than Rargb to download TV shows and movies then you should consider using Kickass Torrents.

Kickass Torrents are one of the best and the most popular torrent site that exists out there. It has a collection of over 10 million torrent files on the site. The site is also available in 45 different languages for the user. The site is so popular that it has over millions of users all across the world.

Kickass Torrents: A Better Site Than Rargb:

If you have been using Rargb to download torrent files then it is suggested that you shift to Kickass torrents for obvious reasons. This is any day better than Rargb. No matter what type of torrent file you are looking for you can get it on this site.

However, one thing that you should know about Kickass torrents is that there are some accessing issues with it. If you are not able to access Kickass torrents then you have to make use of proxy sites. There can be several reasons why you are not able to access Kickass. But then we already have the solution to it and that is the proxy sites.

You can get a number of proxy sites out there on the net. With the help of these proxy sites, you can any time gain access to Kickass torrents from any part of the world. All you need to do is use a proxy site. If you are looking for the list of Kickass proxy sites then you can find it here on this webpage https://www.xtorrentp2p.com/rarbg-proxy-unblock.html. You can find all the proxy sites here on the mentioned website. All the proxy sites are 100% secured and working.

Well, now that you know about the best alternative site to Rargb, you can happily switch to Kickass torrents and enjoy downloading your favourite movies and TV shows from the site for free.

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