Which Type of Limousine Is the Best for Your Next Event?


Whether you are planning an event or attending one, you can make a great statement when you arrive in style cruising in a limousine. A limo is always a great travel option for almost any event, be it a prom night, holiday road trip, corporate event, wedding, or even a birthday gathering. You will never go wrong with a limo.

However, you need to understand that there are different types of limos and what you choose from your trusted limousine Laval service will greatly depend on the nature of your event. To enjoy the comfort and luxury that comes with riding a limousine, be sure to rent the right one. Here are a few types of limos to help you narrow down on which one is the best for your next event.

Sedan Limo

The sedan limo is the most common and most preferred type of limo by businesspeople. It is also one of the most affordable limo models provided by the limousine Laval service companies. Since it is cheaper, this type of limousine might not be the best option for you if you want to make a bold statement, but this is also subject to the type of event that you will be attending. The sedan limo is mostly used on business trips and airport travel. A sedan limo is an excellent alternative to a standard taxicab whenever you want to arrive in style and stand out.

Stretch Limo

The stretch limo resembles the sedan to a larger extent, but it has more space as its name suggest. Since it is more spacious, the stretch limo is an excellent choice for large parties traveling to events such as weddings or corporate gatherings. Prom nights and weddings are the two most popular events that stretch limos are used for. Its classic look also makes it a good choice for business travel.

SUV Limo

The SUV is a more spacious and luxury vehicle that can accommodate more people. It also offers a wide range of amenities than the standard sedan limousine. Most SUV limos have a fully equipped entertainment system and a bar. This is always an excellent transportation option for long road trips since there is plenty of room for your luggage. The SUV limo also offers you a fun way to travel to formal events with its inbuilt bar.  Everyone can sit back, relax, sip and enjoy the entire ride.

Limo Bus

The limo bus is commonly referred to as a party bus, and it is an incredible option for people who want to bring their party right into the limo. With a party bus, you don’t even have to think about a specific destination since everything that you need to enjoy a night of fun is right inside the limo bus. A typical limo bus usually has sofas, a dance floor, bathroom, bar, and much more. Party buses are designed to accommodate at least 30 people and are great for birthday parties, bachelor parties, and much more!

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