Who has to wear an ID card in the office?


Many employees complain about having to wear uniforms, having to follow a certain dress code, or having to wear ID cards. The reasons behind these complaints are varied (because it is going to be impossible to please them all). The use of ID cards is sometimes questioned because people feel they already know each other and that they do not need to wear this special safety measures. The truth is that ID cards are not only useful among co-workers but also outside the facilities and among other people who are foreign to the business.

The ID card has a meaning

One of the main ideas of wearing a card is to identify yourself. Regarding this particular point an office ID card has a very similar function to your social security card with numbers and health information, or national identification in other countries (where a number is given, but this number is not related to any special service).

For an office setting the card usually shows information related to the job position, name and last name. They have to be written in a clear font and size so that it is easy to see from a reasonable distance.

Security personnel and their cards

This is definitively one of the types of employee that needs to wear an ID card at all times and in all areas of the company. The people that are in charge of keeping employees and customers safe need to have an easy way to address. In case of an emergency, everybody needs to be able to call security and use his or her name to control and guide risky situations.

What a good card must have

Several elements need to be included in an ID card to be considered useful and successful. A clear font that allows people to read the card with no effort, front picture with a solid background that contrasts the picture so that the person is the center of attention, job position and/ or department where this person works and a barcode or QR code that contains more information. This is optional since the existence of a code will definitively imply the use of a scanner to read the code.

Is it cheap or expensive?

Plenty of companies offer their services when it comes to creating custom ID cards. There are cheap lanyards UK that can have a wide variety of options and prices. Remember that the materials, size, and functions of the cards are going to influence the price you will have to pay. Try to study your budget and your needs as a company or business to choose the option that best suits both ends.

Who must wear an ID card then?

The truth is that for the benefit of all workers every single employee must have an ID card at all times. This is just one of the easiest ways to offer a minimum of safety and control inside the walls of an office, and it is something most people can do and follow without much trouble.

There are going to be moments in which an employee will forget their ID card at home, even for these moments a Plan B must be developed. Maybe some temporary card that allows access to this person for one day. This way the employee can continue working, but he or she will know how important the card is.

What other places use ID cards?

ID cards are everywhere. It is not necessary to have an office job to have one. Concerts, hotels, transportations systems; all of them are using the same technology of Smart ID cards to hold information of their customers and allow them to enjoy the service under soft control of movement, entrance, and use of spaces and equipment. These cards may not be used with a front picture, name and last name but they do have some other features, such as being a magnetic key or saving financial information and working as a debit card for the holder.

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