Why SEO Marketing is Crucial to Your Business 


Many business owners understand that SEO can be a great way to drive targeted traffic to their websites. At the same time, they prefer other digital marketing strategies because of how demanding SEO can be. This is understandable as SEO is very technical, time consuming, and competitive. However, there are several reasons why SEO marketing is crucial to your business. 

  1. SEO Builds Credibility and Authority 

    When your website is listed in the top search results for search terms relevant to your products or services (or general topic altogether), it adds credibility and authority to your brand and company. Consumers view the top ranked websites as credible and authoritative because Google has historically done a great job ranking websites according to their value. They trust the results so much that they hardly go past the first page. 

    In fact, if a prospect has heard about your products, services, or brand somewhere else, they’ll often try to obtain more information through the search engines. So even if you’re not investing heavily into a SEO campaign, you still need to have done enough SEO marketing to rank in the top results for your own search terms. You might even come off as not credible if your website is not highly ranked for your own search terms. 

    2. SEO is a Big Part of the Buying Cycle 

    People tend to use the search engines as part of the buying cycle. They usually start with the research process to figure out what kind of solutions there are for a specific problem. This is followed by a comparison process where they look for various businesses that offer a solution. They will be comparing the pros and cons of these businesses to make the best choice. 

    The last part is often the buying phase where prices, products, and services are compared so that they can get the most value. If you’re not investing in SEO marketing, you are simply not even in the conversation. The bottom line is that you need to be part of either one or all of the phases if you intend on acquiring targeted leads and customers. 

    3. It Synergizes Well With Other Digital Marketing Strategies 

    SEO fits in perfectly with other digital marketing strategies like blogging, content marketing, social media marketing, and pay per click (PPC) advertising. The reason why is simple. Content driven strategies like blogging, content marketing, and social media marketing make it easier for you to acquire backlinks which is a big ranking factor for SEO. PPC and even social media advertising campaigns also provide insight into how audiences behave for various keywords, ads, and marketing systems. 

    As a matter of fact, most SEO strategies today integrate some or all of these digital marketing strategies for maximum effectiveness. A SEO campaign that doesn’t utilize social media at all would have a hard time competing with a campaign that does. So if you’re already invested in these other digital marketing strategies, extending your campaign to SEO is not as much of a stretch as you think. 

    4. The Process of SEO Improves Your Site’s User Experience and Profits 

    User experience is more important than ever as at least half of all web traffic originates from mobile devices. Some of the ranking factors for SEO include page loading time, abandon rates, and engagement rates (clicks, time spent on site, shares, etc.). Working all of these factors has been shown to improve user experience which benefits SEO, and also improves lead/sales conversion rates. 

    A good place to start is to reduce loading time for your entire site. You may find that you’ll have to upgrade your web hosting plan or switch to another web hosting provider altogether for optimal performance. You’ll also find yourself working on your site’s design to work on your engagement rates. All of these “SEO” tasks ultimately contribute to your site’s profitability. 

    5. SEO is Very Cost Effective 

    To say that building a SEO campaign is cheap is not truthful. Even if you work on the campaign yourself there’s so many things that come into play. This includes the cost of SEO software/solutions, the time it takes to build and manage a SEO campaign, the cost required to hire people as you grow your campaign, and other financial/resource costs. You will need to invest a decent amount of time and money to build a successful SEO campaign. 

    At the same time, SEO is cost effective. There are plenty of examples where businesses have managed to acquire a stream of consistent leads for pennies on the dollar. Some industries are seeing anywhere from a 800 percent to 3000 percent ROI from their SEO. Obviously, the ROI a business can expect to see depends on various factors. But at the end of the day, most business owners who have taken SEO seriously say that SEO is one of their most cost effective channels. 

    6. SEO Leads to Many Opportunities 

    There are also benefits that come with a successful SEO campaign. By ranking in the top results for your target keywords, you’ll be able to attract business partners who otherwise would’ve never heard of you. You’ll attract affiliate marketers that are looking for new products and services to promote. You’ll attract members of the press that are looking for stories related to your topic. They may write a story about you that may result in your business being featured in the media. 

    All of this can be attributed to having a strong presence in the search engine. You want to attain top rankings for a wide range of keywords so that your business can be easily found online. You just never know what kind of opportunities will present themselves as a result of building a solid SEO campaign. 

    Those are just a few reasons why SEO marketing is crucial to your business. Local businesses, in particular, can really benefit from local SEO as it allows them to compete with big brands while being able to reach customers in their area. Hopefully, these reasons have convinced you to reconsider a SEO campaign if your bias lead to you dismissing it previously.

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