Why Your Children Are More Vulnerable To Chemicals Than You


Are you concerned about your kids getting exposed to too many chemicals in your home? If you are, you are not alone. Many parents have noticed that we surround ourselves with products that are releasing dangerous substances on a daily basis. There are solutions to this problem, but let’s first look at why chemicals are dangerous for kids.

The reasons why children are more vulnerable than adults to chemicals is a complex issue. First, due to children’s low body weight the ratio between air, water and food in relation to their weight exposes them disproportionally more to chemicals. Children’s organs are still in the development phase, which makes them less able to process or eliminate dangerous chemicals. As a consequence their organs are more sensitive to harmful substances that the organs of grownups.

This sensitivity is highest while they are still in their mother’s womb. When they are exposed to certain chemicals during the pregnancy or very early childhood right after birth, they may suffer from poor health later in their lives.

In addition, a fetus could be exposed to chemicals during the pregnancy stage, as there are chemicals that are able to cross the placenta. Nursing infants are also exposed to chemicals in breast milk.

When children begin to crawl around your house they are more exposed to dust in your home. Dust comes in large part from our skin cells, but also from every item you have in your home. This includes furniture and even technological items such as your TV and computer, but also your kids’ toys. The more they touch and the more they put in their mouths the more chemicals end up in their bodies.

Also, the diet of young children tends to be less varied. As a result, they may eat larger quantities of a smaller range of foods compared to their body weight. This could lead to greater exposure to certain chemicals common in food.

Children are still learning about the world and due to their lack of knowledge they are largely unaware of the hazards of chemicals in certain items to which they may be exposed.

So now that you know why children are more vulnerable to chemicals than you are, let’s look at what you can do to reduce the danger. First of all you should clean your home but you should use eco-friendly products that do just remove dust by adding more dangers in the form of harsh chemicals. Instead you should rely on chemical-free options.

Similarly, you should watch out for the products that come into direct contact with your children’s skin.  This goes especially for the skin care products that you let your kids use. Opt for truly organic options that are certified by a third party to ensure safety standards are followed through.

If you follow these steps you will reduce the risk of your children getting exposed to chemicals. This will help them maintain their health and develop strong organs.

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