WP reset – Features and Installation


WordPress Reset or WP reset is a plug in feature that helps the users to reset their WordPress installation without deleting any files. This plug-in is mainly developed for developers and since the result of using this plug-in have a permanent affect on the WP site, it is advisable to not use this WordPress plugin in case users have no experience of a developer. It is also advisable to keep a back-up for the contents of this site, as they will get deleted after resetting. Among the huge number of plug-ins available, it is quite difficult to choose a safe and bug-free plug-in. For that matter WP reset is quite safe and easy to use. The way this plug-in is developed, it is not only easy and fast to install; it provides various benefits for the users.

Pros of WP reset

  1. Resetting will not delete or make any modification to any media files
  2. All plug-ins, uploads, themes remains as it is
  3. The WP address and the site address along will site language and settings for search engine visibility – everything remain unchanged.
  4. Current users with their username and password will be restored after the completion of resetting.
  5. It is easy, fast and safe to install
  6. It is extremely compatible with WP-CLI and as a result, it makes it faster to work with. WP-CLI is an interface for WP that helps in updating of plug-ins, and themes, along with keeping a back up for databases without the use of any web browser
  7. One of the important pros of WP reset is that, one need not to manually set any plug-in or themes after ‘resetting’ as this feature will reconfigure every setting once the resetting is completed

Cons of WP reset

1) Pages, posts, contents, comments will be deleted as a result of WP reset

2) The default WP database tables and custom database tables having the same prefix will be deleted

Installation of WP reset

The following steps will help in installing WP reset

1) Open the admin page of WP, go to plug-in and click on ‘Add New’

2) Type ‘WP reset’ in search option and click on ‘Enter’

3) After the plug-in appears, click on ‘install now’

4) Open the plug-in setting page listed under the ‘Tools’ menu and activate the same


WP reset plug-in is developed for the developers that possess various benefits for the users. It is easy to install and makes your site faster to work with. However, along with various benefits, this plug-ins has certain disadvantages. It is made sure that during the installation process that one cannot click on ‘reset’ button accidentally, as the result is irreversible and once the database is reset, it cannot be brought back as WP reset do not keep any backups. So, it is always advisable, to not toy with this plug-in. So, until and unless one have prior experience as a developer and one is sure of carrying out ‘WP reset’ process, one should not install this plug-in.

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