Tuesday, August 14, 2018


The Best Places in Dubai for Instagram Photos

Young travelers these days are coming up with impressively creative ways to increase their joy of seeing the world. They are always tapping into the potential of seemingly trivial locations and situations for more fun. One of the popular ways they boost the enjoyment of travel is by documenting their trip on social media platforms. […]

In 2018, Armenia presented its tourist attraction in Berlin and Dubai

Measures to increase the visibility and tourist attractiveness of Armenia are not limited to participation in international exhibitions: advertising campaigns and holding days of Armenia in target markets are also planned. Armenia is developing more and more tourist destinations, besides traditional ones. Foreigners are especially interested in gambling, said Michael Boettcher, Storm International. 17 Armenian tourist […]


Beauty Tips – Summer Colours

Last week, we were showing you which hairstyles were going to get you seen over the summer months but this week we’re looking at the make-up trends that will have you turning heads. This year is all about keeping things simple with a statement eye or lip! Blue Hues Blue eye shadows are usually reserved […]


Side Jobs to Help You Make Extra Money This Month

Want to fatten up your bank account this month? If you already have a full-time job, then look for some creative side jobs that can help you earn a few extra bucks. To help you earn more with minimal stress, we have compiled a list of 9 fun side jobs you can consider to earn […]

The Best Apps to Read Your Favorite Manga

Do you like reading manga? Stay on top of your favorite series and discover new titles with the best manga readers at your fingertips. Whether you prefer mainstream or indie manga, browse through a countless selection of titles to find exactly what you want. So, when you have some free time to read just make […]

5 Tasks for Entrepreneurs This Week

No matter what niche you are operating in, there is no denying that entrepreneurs are hard-working, over-scheduled humans. Running your own business, whether it’s a one-person startup or a multi-office firm, guarantees that there is always something that needs to be done, that needs to be looked over, that needs to be signed off on, […]